What We’ve Done

The neighborhood association has been involved with everything from getting the traffic light on Tichner and Burnside installed to working with the City on the Holocaust Memorial and many other things in and around the park.

What We’re Working On

Washington Park Alliance

The Washington Park Alliance is the umbrella organization for the organizations located in the park:

Several of these organization either have or are in the process of raising money for expansion projects and are also working on things like transportation and parking in the park.

We are working to make sure that the concerns of the neighborhood are represented in these discussions since any decisions made on these topics have a major impact on all of us.

We are working together with the Sylvan Highlands Neighborhood Association on this.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is in the process of raising money for a significant expansion that’s proposed to include things like a tea house and several other new buildings while also increasing the number of visitors each year.


As most are probably aware, the number of skateboarders coming through the neighborhood, primarily along Fairview Boulevard has increased in the last year to the point where it’s starting to become a real problem. We are looking at ways to engage with the City on this topic.

Issues We Address

It’s important that the work the Neighborhood Association does represents the views of the residents in the neighborhood. The board meets most every month and these meetings are open to everyone, you are more than welcome to join us and let us know if there are any other issues we need to engage on.