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On Sept. 5, 2012, the Portland City Council passed an amendment to the city’s skateboard ordinance, banning skateboarding on the “Zoobomb route” (Fairview-Kingston-Tichner-Marconi-Park) as well as the alternate route down Hampshire-Champlain-Rutland, between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.  The fine for violating this prohibition is $115.  The ordinance retains the existing requirements that skaters wear front and rear lights at night, and that skaters under 16 wear a helmet.  Skaters moving slower than the speed limit must move to the right side of the road to allow cars to pass.  The amendment also substantially raises the fines for skateboarders who violate traffic laws, from $25 to $250.

The Council voted to make the amendment effective immediately, but the Mayor directed that police should issue warning tickets for the first week.  The Police Bureau has also committed to the neighborhood that it will mount a targeted enforcement effort next summer, aimed at deterring reckless skating.  In addition, skateboarding leaders Billy Meiners and J.P. Rowan have committed to continued educational efforts to encourage skaters to skate responsibly and quietly.

Neighbors are encouraged to give a smile to skaters who are skating responsibly and quietly.  As for skaters who are skating recklessly, violating traffic laws, or violating the post-10 p.m. ban, neighbors are encouraged to call the police non-emergency number at 503-823-3333.  Unless police hear about continuing problems, they will assume that the problem is solved.



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