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A citizen-initiated effort is afoot to get a footbridge built to carry the Wildwood Trail over West Burnside.  If you hike or run on the Wildwood, you probably know how difficult and dangerous this crossing is:  three lanes of high-speed car traffic, with no crosswalk.  Fifteen years ago, Portland’s Pedestrian Master Plan called for a bridge here, but no action has been taken.  Local bridge designer Ed Carpenter has created a beautiful design  for this bridge, and the Portland Parks Foundation supports the project.  The next step is to get Parks and Recreation and the Bureau of Transportation to support it as well.  So, the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association has voted to support the bridge, and has written this letter  to commissioners Amanda Fritz and Steve Novick, urging them to build the bridge.  This project will likely require a mix of public and donated funds.  If you’d like to provide financial support, or have a line on possible donors, contact Nick Hardigg, Executive Director of Portland Parks Foundation, at nick@portlandparksfoundation.org.

To add your voice to this effort, email Amanda Fritz at amanda@portlandoregon.gov, and Steve Novick at Steve.Novick@portlandoregon.gov

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